CIR Laboratory's international expertise in materials science is at your disposition to help you:


    • Increasing your competitiveness by giving you technological knowledge
    • Developping new products and processes


The wish of CIR Laboratory to cater to your requirements is reflected by the diversity of its consulting services. Here are some examples:


To determined the causes of industrial materials faillure, complete port-mortems can be performed.


The strength in material formulation of CIR Laboratory is a major asset for a company who wishes to market new products or enhance its existing products.

Selection criteria

When identifying prerequisites of materials becomes difficult for a specific application, CIR Laboratory can help you with the selection criteria corresponding to your requirements.

Implementation procedures

Industrial material manufacturers can ben confronted with fabrication problems during the stages of raw material selection, mix preparation, forming, thermal and machining treatments. In this case, CIR Laboratory is able to provide practical and cost effective solutions to your company's implementation problems.

Maintenance and repairs

Numerous applications such as high temperature confinement units demand, on a regular or sporadic basis, maintenance and repair of their refractory lining. CIR Laboratory can establish optimum maintenance and repair procedures according to your company's requirements.

Examples of works consulting performed;

Examples of companies using our services;

Realizations (R&D).