CIR Laboratory has access to thermodynamic modeling and physical simulation tools that can benefit your company by allowing the optimization of your processes.

To be able to provide its customers with characterisation tools, that will enable CIR Laboratory to formulate or to identity better industrial materials for specific applications, we specialize in the design and the creation of physical modeling tests that reproduce operational conditions. Many of these designs are already available while others can ben set-up on demand.

Among the traditional physical simulation tests available at CIR Laboratory, here are some examples:


    • The CIREP Bellyband Test (Physical simulation of refractories corrosion at the metal line of aluminum industry's reverberatory furnances)
    • The J-CIREP Test (Physical simulation of potlining refractories degradation),
    • The C.I.T.-CIREP Test (Physical simulation of Corrosion, mechanical Impact and Thermal shock interactions),
    • The C.A.T.-CIREP Test(Physical simulation of Corrosion, Abrasion (and/or erosion) and Thermal shock interactions),
    • The F.T.-CIREP Test (Physical simulation of damaging conditions by the action of low intensity and repetitive thermal shocks - thermal fatigue).


Among the more recent physical simulation tests developped at CIR Laboratory, here are some examples:


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