In an international and globalisation competitive context, business success is achieved by improving productivity. To help you meet your objectives, CIR Laboratory offers R&D solutions based on technological innovation.

In a cost effective environment, the highly qualified personnel of CIR Laboratory enable you to achieve your technological innovations and accompany you in the drafting process of the SR&ED claims thus making your R&D projects cost-effective.

CIR Laboratory's internationally known innovation, relentlessness and creativity are at your disposal independently of the size of your company. To do so, CIR Laboratory offers turn key R&D solutions to small businesses and works closely with the internal engineering services within large enterprises during the running-in or design of industrial materials.

Our services apply to the following industrial activities:



    • of materials' performance
    • of project feasibility




    • of recipes
    • of processes
    • of recycling of secondary products




    • of new products
    • of equivalent products
    • of new materials
    • of equivalent materials
    • of additives
    • of surface coatings



    • of simulation set-ups
    • of characterization set-ups
    • of scaled pilot plants




    • at pilot scale




    • for grant applications
    • for patent applications